Is Dance a form of Sport or Art? Which one would you support?

Yesterday, I was talking to my college mate at the canteen. She is a fine Jazz Dancer, and however, our talks stuck at a debate on whether Dance is more of an art or sport!? She was on the sports side, while I found it more of an art, but still, I knew both the options are valid. Dance is indeed an art form, on the other hand, it’s the best way to exercise too.

How Dance is no less than a Tough Sport

After a day-long research and readings, I got the answer. Though people consider it as an Art form, in the end, it is equally tiring and challenging like any sport.

Is Dance a Sport or Art

Reasons that prove that Dance is no less than any Sport are given as follows:

Stretching is the core part of Dance

Stretching is the warm-up that people do before carrying out any task. But when it comes to dancing, you are not any stretching naturally but also making your body flexible.

Muscle Development

A normal dance warm-up comprises of push-ups, crunches for abs, and even plies for legs. This will develop muscles which are compact and also makes the dancer look more fit and pretty!

Injury is also part of this

Now you may have some ideas for dance and sport, Is Dance A Sport or not? The next important factor we have is the Injuries. Even the dancers get injured, get a leg sprain while performing a difficult, challenging task. So, it’s the same as that in sports, isn’t it?

It’s a Competition too!

Dancers compete with each other, where the more graceful and talented person gets the reward. If you have been to any dance competition, you will agree that dance competition is equally serious and intense like any other sports tournament!

What’s your take on this comparison? Dance equal as a Sport or more of an art?

Is Roger Goodell threatening Olympian Sports to ban Clown Shirt | NFL News

The hate game really gets bad, especially when it deals with Teasing and Mockery.

Something similar to that happened with the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

If you are a football follower, then you will be aware of the Deflategate Controversy which resulted in the suspension of the New England Patriots player Tom Brady from four games and the team had to pay a fine of $1 million and losing two draft picks!

People already had their anger over this accident, while some people ignored it, some shown anger on online media. Amidst all this, there was a guy named Dave Portnoy who planned to show his anger in a different way.

Ban Clown Shirt

Is Roger Goodell threatening Olympian Sports to ban Clown Shirt

Dave Portnoy has been active on this pursuit for a long time and was open about his thoughts on how the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell was responsible for all the incompetence and the state of the NFL team. He twitted about this online, along with the hashtag ‘firegoodell’.

Dave gave birth to the Operation Clown Face, to mark his protest and hatred for the NFL undertakings.

Soon after this, he ordered around 70K towels with Roger’s face with the Clown style red nose on. His plan was to purchase them and distribute them among the people and requested them to wear it on the night of Chief-Patriot match.

The image of Roger Goodell started doing the circulation and it soon reached Roger himself. This definitely annoyed Roger a lot, and Dave took his reaction as an approval for making more joke out of the t-shirt imprint.

With the popularity of the tshirts, the Olympian Sports also started to support the Clown initiative and were now part of the business. One among the internal sources, working for the Olympian Sports informed that a few of the NFL executives visited the store and forced them to take down the Goodell tshirts from the store.

These executives also threatened that if the tshirts were not taken down, they won’t allow Olympian Sport to sell any of the NFL product.

On hearing about this news, Dave posted a snap on 7th September saying that there is still a lot of hate and anger among people and Someone not from New England won’t understand that.

What’s your take about this hatred among the supporters of Dave and Roger? Whom are you supporting?

Share your point-of-views by commenting them below.