History of Lacrosse Game – Facts about this Less-Known American Game

May be you heard about the Lacrosse game only recently, but it’s a centuries old game that has been played in North America. But currently, this game is taking some new turns and has become a trend among all the High School students.

I got my cousin who is very much into the game, and I felt good that he is into sports. We all know that sports are good for the health and overall mental health. I asked him if he could give a brief about the game, but he went speechless! This was the main inspiration behind writing this post for you guys.

Even if you know about the game, there will be many among you who don’t know about the game in detail.

Lacrosse game

History of Lacrosse Game & Other Interesting Facts

It took me around a week to gather the information about the Lacrosse, and so finally here it is!

a. Who invented the Lacrosse game?

It’s still unknown about who was the person who got this idea of playing a sport using the lacrosse stick. Game is first known to be played by the natives of America, and this was a huge community or a group of 6-7 people. They started playing the game in group, and so we can the Native Americans are the founders of the game.

b. Number of players have been changing.

At present, the game is being played with 10 players in each team, and 12 players in the women’s team. But it was not like this when it was started!

There was no particular count, back then 100 to 1000 players used to take part in the game. Any number of people could join the game, and it may last for any duration. That’s how it was played, but now we do have a fixed duration and the count has reduced to 10-12 players. Not more and not less.

c. What’s the story behind the origin of the name Lacrosse?

Before the establishment of the game as ‘Lacrosse’, there were many stick-ball games which were played in North America. The French Missionary Jean de Brébeuf was the person who coined the name ‘lacrosse’ after he witnessed the game in the year 1636 at the St. Lawrence Alley.

d. Lacrosse is now Canada’s Official Sport.

Along with the popular ice-hockey, Canada has recognized Lacrosse as one of it’s national sport too.

e. Well, Lacrosse was more than just a Game.

During the olden days, Lacrosse helped with training the young men at war, and it even used to settle disputes among two parties etc. Game used for resolving political issues! This sounds so cool, right?

These the TOP 5 facts about the Lacrosse game that everyone should know about! Follow for updates!