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First of all, welcome to Football LIVE

For introducing ourselves, we are a team of 5 crazy sports junkies who are always up for any game.

This page was founded in the year 2003 by Paul Hatch and then gradually more friends joined up in his team. Paul was part of the college football team, and his craze for sports led him to start this website.

Playing a sport and playing it right – both of them differs a lot. The website mainly focuses on making people understand this very thin line of difference, and why Playing it Right is necessary.

If you are in need of any sports advice or simply want to know about a sports form in detail – then this is it! We also want to hear from you guys as well, your thoughts and insights!

So make sure that subscribe to us, and also keep pouring in your ideas and tips by commenting on our feeds. That will make the journey more fun for us!

Also, you can expect us to share some fitness tips too!

Adrian & Team

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