Tony Romo has been getting all the praises and love for his new talent of – predicting the game. He is the former quarterback who played 14 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys and is currently the television analyst for the American Football leagues.

Tony Romo Named as the Greatest Tv Analyst in the Us Sports History

After the game reached the quarters and four – Romo had already done the game analysis, and he understood the strengths and weaknesses of both the teams. This doesn’t end here. He was capable of predicting the plays for which we won the title of ‘Romostradamus’, and Bryce Harper from the MLB All-Start gifted him a new hashtag – ‘#You’reAWizardTony’.

So, what makes Tony Romo sportscaster the coolest game analyst? I guess it’s the love of the game he had even during as the QB player, knowledge of course, and the ability to share the concepts quickly especially like the Live Broadcasts.

Also, if I am not wrong, he is caring by nature too.

Even, the NFL Twitter were all in Tony praises for his game insights and quick commentary.

Now, undoubtedly these people are the ex-NFL players or team coaches so they know how the game goes. However, Romo’s analysis is like the mid-school algebra compared to the complex calculus which is actually happening on the field.

I am don’t know if it’s right to compare two commentators together, this is because everyone’s got their own way of speaking and talking. Although it raises one key question, if people with the game knowledge can do so many predictions, why can’t more number of people do the same?

Even during Romo’s QB days, he has been sharp at doing the game judgments. He retains that quality and takes it to another level through his commentary. It’s always fun to hear him while making the game watchers at home feel like they know the game too.

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